10 2015 Dec

Keep Your Dog Safe and Protect Your Car With Dog Car Seat Covers

german-shepherdIt is important when driving in your car with your dog to stabilize your dog so he doesn’t come flying up to the front seat if you have to make a sudden stop.   It is also important to keep your car from being trashed every time you take your dog in the car.  Much harm can come to your car’s interior due to your dogs nails, shedding or having an accident on the car seat.

Also your dog could be injured if he is not held using a dog harness and a seat belt.  Simply feed the seat belt through your dog’s harness and this way he won’t fly around and during sharp turns or sudden stops.  This takes care of your dog but what about your car upholstery?  This is where dog car seat covers come in to play.  Covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials, however some of the facts you should keep in mind are whether or not the seat cover is washable,  is there a way to secure it so it won’t slip off and a lot of these decisions depend upon the price you are willing to pay for the seat cover and how much you want the seat cover to accomplish.  Should it protect your upholstery from accidents?  This would require  a plastic or rubber seat cover, or do you simply want to protect your car seat from shedding fur.