29 2016 Feb

Food & Treats — Keep Your Dog Healthy With Plenty of Good Food

holistic-healthy-dog-treatsThe most important factor in your dog’s health is the food and treats he takes in on a daily basis.  There are so many different brands of food and treats, but an excellent example of  very healthy treats is Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties.  Power Pattie’s are a natural and very healthy way to give your dog digestive enzymes, gastric juices, amino acids, essential fatty acids that he needs.   It’s very important that your dog receives a good quality protein and not a lot of fillers and biproducts.  The best way to make sure that what you are feeding your dog is good quality get used to reading nutrition labels on your dogs food as you do your own food.  The ingredients mentioned at the beginning of the nutition list are the majority of what the food is made from.  Look for pure protein sources such as chicken or beef and not unspecified ingredients like poultry or any thing followed by the word “meal” is not specific enough.

Also pay attention to the percentages of protein and fat to be sure your dog is not getting too much fat in his diet.  This is also true in treats.  Also pay attention to how your dog  acts and his stools to be sure that he isn’t having any intestinal problems with this food.  If he has been eating the same food for awhile and later on after a few months he starts to seem listless and maybe has loose stools then be sure to have him checked out by a vet to be sure that he isn’t suffering from anything that needs medical treatment.

With plenty of exercise and playtime and good healthy food and treats your dog should be a happy healthy and hopefully well adjusted dog and a good canine citizen.

21 2016 Feb

Dog Toys — Be Sure You Have Plenty of Toys

dog-toy-made-from-jute-cow-with-ropes-for-tug-of-warThere are so many toys of available for your dog’s entertainment.  You may have to try several different types of toys before you find the type that youe dog loves.  Some dogs can be entertained for hours by running after a ball and retrieveing it from where ever it may end up which could include water for some dogs and land for others.  There are also dogs out there that don’t have any interest in balls.

Many dogs really love toys that squeak and they can be entertained for long periods of time especially by toys in which the squeaks vary depending upon where the dog chews it.  Most dogs also love to play Tug a War.  One of our toys functions as a dental chew a squeak toy and tug a war toy.  This toy, the Jute and Rope Plush Cow, is a real favorite of most dogs because of all that it provides.  There are many types of toys some of which are puzzles to challenge your dog and develop his brain.

19 2016 Feb

Dog Accessories — Be Sure You Have What You Need

interactive-dog-feeder-puzzleMany different products can be included in this category including some every day items like collars, leashes and harnesses.  This category also includes unusual products that are in a category of their own.  For example the Food Activity Center turns an ordinary meal into a puzzle to exercise your dog’s brain he must figure out how to get the food out so he can eat it.   This product has an added benefit as it prevents dogs from gulping their food which can result in excess gas in the best of cases but in the worst case this can result in a dog’s death do to a condition called “Bloat” that can be fatal for dogs if not treated immediately.  Some dogs are more succeptible to “Bloat” than others but to be safe it is best to not allow your dog to gulp his food down.