25 2016 Apr

Dog Crate Accessories Keep My Dog Comfortable in the Car

dog crate accessoriesWhen I first started having my dog travel within a dog crate, I was very careful to make sure that I made the crate as comfortable as possible. I didn’t want her to be unhappy in the crate since I wanted her to be okay being in it even for long periods of time. I was very happy when I was able to find all kinds of different items that were made to be put into a crate for travel.

A lot of the items that I found were items that were meant to keep my dog much more comfortable. I knew that I had to have the best accessories to make the crate comfortable for my dog. I went online to shop for some different types of accessories that I would be able to use.

I was very happy to find a lot of different accessories that I knew would make the dog crate so much more comfortable. One of the items that I bought was a dog bed that was the perfect size and shape for the crate. I also bought some other dog crate accessories including a bowl that attached to the front of the crate and a dog blanket to put over the bed in the crate.

11 2016 Apr

Healthy Dog Treats are Just What My Dog Deserves

healthy dog treatsI used to give my dog all kinds of treats each day for just about anything that he did. I loved giving him treats because he always got so excited when he saw them and he really seemed to enjoy them greatly. I barely even noticed that he was putting on a lot of weight until my vet said that my dog was overweight and I was killing him with kindness when I fed him all of the treats that I gave to him.

I was immediately concerned about the health of my dog since the vet gave me a list of illnesses that might be caused by him being overweight. I knew that I had to stop giving him so many treats even though it would be a challenge to get him to stop wanting them. Since I knew that my dog deserved to have a long and happy life, I had to make it stop.

I started to work on getting him to lose the extra weight that he had gained so quickly. I was able to start giving him just a few healthy dog treats everyday so that I would be able to keep him at a weight that was much better for him. He has already started to lose a good amount of the access weight that he has been carrying.