24 2016 Jun

A Dog Hoodie Helps My Little Dog Stay Warm on Cold Days

dog hoodieEven though summer is here, there are still some cold and wet days where my little dog doesn’t enjoy going on his daily walk. He hates to get his feet wet and will shiver when it is raining no matter what the temperature is outside. It makes me sad to see him shivering on a regular basis, so I try to make sure that I keep him warm when he goes out.

To make sure that he can stay warm and dry all of the time, I have him wear dog clothing when he goes out. During this warmer part of the year, I will usually put him in a dog hoodie if the weather is bad. This makes it so that he is able to stay warm enough so he doesn’t have to sit around shivering and shaking all of the time.

I love how cute my dog looks when he is wearing his various clothing items. Our neighbors always comment on what he is wearing and tell me how cute he looks when we are out together. It is always fun to have other people recognizing my dog and letting me know that they think that he looks adorable in his little sweatshirt.

10 2016 Jun

An Automatic Dog Waterer Makes it Easy for Me to Keep My Dog Hydrated

panting dogWith the weather getting so warm now that it is just about summertime, I have started to worry a lot about my dog being outside during the day. I worry mostly about her getting too hot even though she has shade just because she likes to run around a whole lot. I don’t want her to end up getting dehydrated just because she runs out of water to drink.

I have come home a few days now to find the water bowl that she has on the porch is completely empty. This is concerning to me because I know that she is not able to get the water that she needs when there isn’t any water left. I have been trying to find some different solutions to make it so that I can easily keep my dog refreshed and hydrated.

I recently managed to find an automatic dog waterer that will make it so that it isn’t possible for her to run out of water. The waterer will ensure that the bowl stays full even as she drinks from it so she will never have to run out of water again. I cannot wait to get this great bowl set up for her in my backyard where she can drink from it.

1 2016 Jun

Aluminum Gates

Outdoor Safety Gate

Outdoor Safety Gate

Aluminum gates can be used for either indoors or outdoor areas.   Most of the aluminum gates are made from a light weight rust-proof composite of aluminum and stainless-steel.  Many of them can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  Many of these gates also have extensions available depending upon the model purchased.  Many of these gates also have a powder coating that results in a long lasting and easy to clean surface.

The photo shows an example of an outdoor gate.  These gates work well for stairways as they will mount at angles up to 30 degrees.  Many dogs that are in their senior years have a difficult time navagating stairways so a gate may be needed for the dog’s protection if the dog is unstable when he walks, if he does attempt to navigate the stairs he could fall and injure himself badly and that is something you definately don’t want to happen with your best friend and companion.  This will also reduce your worries about your senior pet as you know he will be safe in your yard for several hours as long as he has fresh water and the weather is mild.  So if you do need to leave him outside for awhile and he enjoys it then there are no worries!