26 2016 Aug

A Petmate Water Fountain is Perfect for Getting My Pup the Water He Needs

petmate water fountain 8-12-16During this time of the year, it is especially important to keep a dog hydrated on a regular basis. The heat outside makes it so that this time of the year is a common time for dogs to get heat stroke or become too dehydrated for their health. It is extremely important that I do what I can so that I am able to keep my dog happy and healthy.

Mostly this means encouraging my dog to drink a good amount of water rather than just laying around without drinking any. To do this, I have purchased a Petmate water fountain that supplies my dog with wonderful and clean water that he can drink all of the time. I have to keep an eye on the fountain to make sure that fresh water is added on a regular basis.

My dog loves to watch the water splashing in the fountain and is always encouraged to drink from it when she sees this. I am just glad that I have something like this fountain to help me ensure that my dog is able to keep drinking plenty of water all of the time. My dog stays hydrated and a whole lot happier.

12 2016 Aug

A Dog Carrier Backpack is Where My Dog Rides While I Hike

dog carrier backpackI have a very small dog who loves to go for walks with me anywhere that he can. I go hiking all of the time and my dog always begs to go with me the moment that I put on my shoes. The main trouble that I have with this is that my dog is so small that he really cannot walk that far at all. This is a problem mainly because I have to end up carrying him.

Since I know that he cannot go that far when he has to walk, I have started to expect this and to prepare for it. I always make sure that I have a dog carrier backpack with me so that when my dog cannot go any further, I am able to put him in the backpack so that I am able to make sure that he is comfortable. My dog loves to ride in this backpack so it is the perfect solution.

I have been really enjoying being able to take my dog out on hikes this way. It is great to be able to have him with me whenever I go out on hikes anywhere. I enjoy his company and I know that he greatly enjoys getting the change to go for a walk on a regular basis.

3 2016 Aug

A Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain Gives My Dog Fresh Water Always

petmate fresh flowWhen I first adopted my dog, I found that she had the unique problem of not enjoying drinking water that had been sitting out for any amount of time. When I put the water down for her each day, she would drink it right away, but after it had sat for a while, she would only stare at it. I didn’t want her to have to go thirsty because she wouldn’t drink water that wasn’t fresh.

I have been working on finding a lot of different types of fountains that I might be able to use so that she can enjoy fresh water on a regular basis. I have decided to get her one of these pet fountains so that she is able to constantly enjoy water that is fresh. This will be great to use when I am away at work so that she doesn’t have to worry about having fresh water.

I plan to purchase a Petmate fresh flow fountain that I will be able to use to keep my dog constantly supplied with the water that she needs. I am hoping that this will make it so that she is able to drink water throughout the day. These fountains aren’t cheap, but it is worth it just to be able to keep my pet healthy.