16 2016 Nov

Wide Dog Gates Are Perfect for Wider Doorways

2-dogWhen I started to look for some different types of dog gates that I would be able to use in a particular area of my home, I found that there was a slight problem with this. Most of the dog gates wouldn’t work in this space just because this particular doorway was a whole lot larger than any other kind of doorway that a dog gate was actually made to go into.

I spent more time looking for different types of dog gates that would work a whole lot easier around my home. For this specific area of my home I was able to pick out a couple of different types of wide dog gates which were just what I needed to make sure that I could block the area entirely. It was wonderful to be able to find these particular items.

With the new dog gates that I have managed to install in the different areas of my home, I have been able to more easily block the different areas where my dog isn’t allowed. It is so nice being able to have such great gates that can really fit well even in the weirdest areas around my home.

1 2016 Nov

A Dog Travel Water Bowl is Perfect for When I Travel with My Dog

1-dog-travel-water-bowlWhenever I am taking my dog with me to the different places that we travel to, I have to make sure that I am able to pack for my dog as well. I pack pretty light in general which means that I really hate the idea of having to pack up a whole bunch of different dog toys and the large metal bowls that my dog usually uses. It would be better to have some items just for the trip.

To make sure that I am able to easily take care of my dog while we travel, I have been working on finding the items that will be a lot more portable and easier to carry around in my luggage. I have managed to find some wonderful products including a dog travel water bowl that will be perfect. These items are designed for when you are traveling with your dog.

Since I have to make sure that I am able to keep my dog safe and healthy as I travel around, I have to make sure to carry items that can be used to give my dog food and water. My dog definitely feels a whole lot better when we get to our destination and I can get him set up in a place where he can really relax.