28 2016 Dec

Fetch Pet Toys Help Me to Play With My Dog

1-fetch-pet-toysWhen I recently adopted a new golden retriever, I was really unsure of how to bond with this dog. I had usually adopted dogs when they were puppies so having one that was already an adult was something that was just a bit new and strange for me. It was harder to bond with this adult dog since neither of us seemed too sure of each other and what we could do together.

Since I remembered that I had bonded with puppies in the past through play, I decided that I would find a game that this dog would enjoy playing with me on a regular basis. It was really important for me to be able to make it so that I could get this dog playing. I bought some different types of fetch pet toys that I could use for this purpose.

My dog started playing right away when I threw a ball for her. It was wonderful to watch her chase after the ball and even bring it back to me. It was fairly obvious that my dog was one that really loved to play fetch. Seeing her play was something that really helped me to connect to her better.

14 2016 Dec

Some Dog Crate Covers Help My Dog Travel More Comfortably

2-dogEven though my dog rides in a crate whenever we go in the car, he can get extremely agitated in his crate. Through the crate he can see different things going on around him and this kind of thing really drives him crazy. Being able to see out of the crate is a huge disadvantage in my dog’s case just because the things that he does see are the things that make him go wild.

To ensure that I am able to keep my dog a lot calmer on a regular basis, I have started to work on finding some different types of covers that I can use to make it so that he cannot see out of the crate. Luckily, there are a lot of great dog crate covers that are perfect for this exact situation. The covers fit on the crate well and make it so that my dog cannot see out.

With a cover like this one over the crate, it is fairly easy for me to drive in comfort on a regular basis. My dog is always a whole lot happier whenever I am driving around with him completely covered up in this particular kind of a crate. I love being able to keep my dog calmer while I drive.

2 2016 Dec

A Dog Backpack is Perfect for Taking My Dog With Me Anywhere

1-dog-backpackWhen I recently started to take my dog on hikes with me, I thought that my dog could walk for far further than my dog actually likes to walk. I cannot say that it was really a surprise for me to have my little dog getting tired as we walked further and further, but having to carry him most of the way was a bit of a problem for me. Since I would like to take him on hikes, I had to come up with a different plan.

To make sure that I would be able to take my dog with me on hikes, I had to be sure that I had a much better way of carrying him when he ended up getting tired. It was extremely important for me to be able to take the time to look at some different carriers that I could get for my dog. Eventually, I was able to find a really wonderful dog backpack that was perfect for my pet.

This backpack gives me the perfect way for me to carry my dog when he ends up getting tired during walks. I can just put him in the backpack and carry him the rest of the way without being as uncomfortable having to carry a dog all of the way to the end of the trail.