11 2016 Apr

Healthy Dog Treats are Just What My Dog Deserves

healthy dog treatsI used to give my dog all kinds of treats each day for just about anything that he did. I loved giving him treats because he always got so excited when he saw them and he really seemed to enjoy them greatly. I barely even noticed that he was putting on a lot of weight until my vet said that my dog was overweight and I was killing him with kindness when I fed him all of the treats that I gave to him.

I was immediately concerned about the health of my dog since the vet gave me a list of illnesses that might be caused by him being overweight. I knew that I had to stop giving him so many treats even though it would be a challenge to get him to stop wanting them. Since I knew that my dog deserved to have a long and happy life, I had to make it stop.

I started to work on getting him to lose the extra weight that he had gained so quickly. I was able to start giving him just a few healthy dog treats everyday so that I would be able to keep him at a weight that was much better for him. He has already started to lose a good amount of the access weight that he has been carrying.

29 2016 Feb

Food & Treats — Keep Your Dog Healthy With Plenty of Good Food

holistic-healthy-dog-treatsThe most important factor in your dog’s health is the food and treats he takes in on a daily basis.  There are so many different brands of food and treats, but an excellent example of  very healthy treats is Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties.  Power Pattie’s are a natural and very healthy way to give your dog digestive enzymes, gastric juices, amino acids, essential fatty acids that he needs.   It’s very important that your dog receives a good quality protein and not a lot of fillers and biproducts.  The best way to make sure that what you are feeding your dog is good quality get used to reading nutrition labels on your dogs food as you do your own food.  The ingredients mentioned at the beginning of the nutition list are the majority of what the food is made from.  Look for pure protein sources such as chicken or beef and not unspecified ingredients like poultry or any thing followed by the word “meal” is not specific enough.

Also pay attention to the percentages of protein and fat to be sure your dog is not getting too much fat in his diet.  This is also true in treats.  Also pay attention to how your dog  acts and his stools to be sure that he isn’t having any intestinal problems with this food.  If he has been eating the same food for awhile and later on after a few months he starts to seem listless and maybe has loose stools then be sure to have him checked out by a vet to be sure that he isn’t suffering from anything that needs medical treatment.

With plenty of exercise and playtime and good healthy food and treats your dog should be a happy healthy and hopefully well adjusted dog and a good canine citizen.