11 2016 Apr

Healthy Dog Treats are Just What My Dog Deserves

healthy dog treatsI used to give my dog all kinds of treats each day for just about anything that he did. I loved giving him treats because he always got so excited when he saw them and he really seemed to enjoy them greatly. I barely even noticed that he was putting on a lot of weight until my vet said that my dog was overweight and I was killing him with kindness when I fed him all of the treats that I gave to him.

I was immediately concerned about the health of my dog since the vet gave me a list of illnesses that might be caused by him being overweight. I knew that I had to stop giving him so many treats even though it would be a challenge to get him to stop wanting them. Since I knew that my dog deserved to have a long and happy life, I had to make it stop.

I started to work on getting him to lose the extra weight that he had gained so quickly. I was able to start giving him just a few healthy dog treats everyday so that I would be able to keep him at a weight that was much better for him. He has already started to lose a good amount of the access weight that he has been carrying.

29 2016 Feb

Food & Treats — Keep Your Dog Healthy With Plenty of Good Food

holistic-healthy-dog-treatsThe most important factor in your dog’s health is the food and treats he takes in on a daily basis.  There are so many different brands of food and treats, but an excellent example of  very healthy treats is Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties.  Power Pattie’s are a natural and very healthy way to give your dog digestive enzymes, gastric juices, amino acids, essential fatty acids that he needs.   It’s very important that your dog receives a good quality protein and not a lot of fillers and biproducts.  The best way to make sure that what you are feeding your dog is good quality get used to reading nutrition labels on your dogs food as you do your own food.  The ingredients mentioned at the beginning of the nutition list are the majority of what the food is made from.  Look for pure protein sources such as chicken or beef and not unspecified ingredients like poultry or any thing followed by the word “meal” is not specific enough.

Also pay attention to the percentages of protein and fat to be sure your dog is not getting too much fat in his diet.  This is also true in treats.  Also pay attention to how your dog  acts and his stools to be sure that he isn’t having any intestinal problems with this food.  If he has been eating the same food for awhile and later on after a few months he starts to seem listless and maybe has loose stools then be sure to have him checked out by a vet to be sure that he isn’t suffering from anything that needs medical treatment.

With plenty of exercise and playtime and good healthy food and treats your dog should be a happy healthy and hopefully well adjusted dog and a good canine citizen.

21 2016 Feb

Dog Toys — Be Sure You Have Plenty of Toys

dog-toy-made-from-jute-cow-with-ropes-for-tug-of-warThere are so many toys of available for your dog’s entertainment.  You may have to try several different types of toys before you find the type that youe dog loves.  Some dogs can be entertained for hours by running after a ball and retrieveing it from where ever it may end up which could include water for some dogs and land for others.  There are also dogs out there that don’t have any interest in balls.

Many dogs really love toys that squeak and they can be entertained for long periods of time especially by toys in which the squeaks vary depending upon where the dog chews it.  Most dogs also love to play Tug a War.  One of our toys functions as a dental chew a squeak toy and tug a war toy.  This toy, the Jute and Rope Plush Cow, is a real favorite of most dogs because of all that it provides.  There are many types of toys some of which are puzzles to challenge your dog and develop his brain.

19 2016 Feb

Dog Accessories — Be Sure You Have What You Need

interactive-dog-feeder-puzzleMany different products can be included in this category including some every day items like collars, leashes and harnesses.  This category also includes unusual products that are in a category of their own.  For example the Food Activity Center turns an ordinary meal into a puzzle to exercise your dog’s brain he must figure out how to get the food out so he can eat it.   This product has an added benefit as it prevents dogs from gulping their food which can result in excess gas in the best of cases but in the worst case this can result in a dog’s death do to a condition called “Bloat” that can be fatal for dogs if not treated immediately.  Some dogs are more succeptible to “Bloat” than others but to be safe it is best to not allow your dog to gulp his food down.

24 2016 Jan

Feeders & Waterers

img_petstores_PTM24880WaterIt is always best to ensure that your dog always has access to clean fresh water.  The Petmate Fresh Flow water fountain will provide your dog with a constant flow of filtered fresh water.  This continuous flow of circulating filtered water is oxygenated to keep it nice and cool which entices your pet to drink more water which is essential for good health.  You will save time also because all you will need to do is change the filter every couple of weeks to keep it clean.

Some dogs tend to gobble their food down too fast which can cause many problems some of which could be fatal.  If a dogs eats too much too fast without chewing the food enough a serious condition called gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). The gulping of food results in excessive air, fluid and food filling the stomach, followed by swelling (dilatation) of the stomach cavity. As the stomach expands, it can twist around on its axis (volvulus),  which makes it impossible for anything to pass through the stomach to the intestines. If this happens, your dog can go into shock and die quickly.  One method of avoiding this problem is to use a special type of feeder that only releases a small amount of food at a time so when you are rushing to get to work or school you won’t have to worry about your dog eating too much at a time as the food would be released every 2 hours or however you set it and would dispense a small premeasured amount of food.  This condition is more common in large breed dogs.

21 2016 Jan

Doors & Gates

364_img_dynamicaccentsGates_42607There are times when it becomes necessary to either keep your dog from entering a room in the house or even a section of the home.  This situation can be easily remedied by the addition of one or more pet gates to keep your dog in a certain area of your home.  There are a wide variety of styles and sizes of pet gates which include wide dog gates to cover an extensive width doorway or a freestanding pet gate there are many sizes and styles to choose from.  The gates are very well made and attractive so they will be a positive addition to your style of furniture and are not ugly or bulky.

Pet doors are really freeing for both you and your pet.  As long as you install your pet door within a door that leads to a fenced yard then your dog is free to come and go as he pleases without your involvement.  However this should not stop your walks you take with your dog as these are special times for your dog when your attention is focused on him so it is a bonding experience.  Also the walks provide a much needed way for both you and your dog to get exercise.

20 2016 Jan

Attractive and Functional Dog Clothing

in_images_HD3BR_hoodie5All dogs, regardless of size need to be able to keep warm and dry while outdoors where they are subjected to the same cold, wet weather that we experience.  While some dogs are more suited to cold weather and my not need protection, for example Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes and several other breeds,  many  dogs are not really built to tolerate severe weather.

For these breeds with thinner fur and not as much fat on their bodies, we carry a selection of stylish and functional dog hoodies as well as an assortment of water repellent dog raincoats.  With this clothing you can be assured that your pet will be protected from the elements.

10 2015 Dec

Keep Your Dog Safe and Protect Your Car With Dog Car Seat Covers

german-shepherdIt is important when driving in your car with your dog to stabilize your dog so he doesn’t come flying up to the front seat if you have to make a sudden stop.   It is also important to keep your car from being trashed every time you take your dog in the car.  Much harm can come to your car’s interior due to your dogs nails, shedding or having an accident on the car seat.

Also your dog could be injured if he is not held using a dog harness and a seat belt.  Simply feed the seat belt through your dog’s harness and this way he won’t fly around and during sharp turns or sudden stops.  This takes care of your dog but what about your car upholstery?  This is where dog car seat covers come in to play.  Covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials, however some of the facts you should keep in mind are whether or not the seat cover is washable,  is there a way to secure it so it won’t slip off and a lot of these decisions depend upon the price you are willing to pay for the seat cover and how much you want the seat cover to accomplish.  Should it protect your upholstery from accidents?  This would require  a plastic or rubber seat cover, or do you simply want to protect your car seat from shedding fur.

27 2015 Oct

Good Quality Dog Grooming Supplies to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Grooming Tool for Trimming Your Pet's Nails

It is very important for the health of your pet to keep their nails trimmed.  This is true for both dogs and cats.   Long nails, including the dewclaws on the inner paw, can grow into toe pads and skin, causing pain and infection.

Trimming your pets nails can be a painful experience, especially if the nail is cut into the quick which contains blood vessels and will hurt your pet.  Trimming your pet’s nails with a dog nail grinder results in evenly trimmed nails without rough edges and is much safer for your pet.  Your pet’s neatly trimmed nails will also be less hazardous to you as uneven nails can really cause pain.

Some dog breeds, usually those with long hair, require daily brushing to keep their coat free of matted fur.  They may also require trimming especially during the warm months of summer many dogs will have their coats shorn for comfort during the summer.  Dog clippers will take care of any pet’s grooming needs, especially the 12-piece pet clipper kit as it is very easy to use so any owner can take care of their pet’s grooming needs.

For those times when you are on vacation with your dog the travel dog grooming kit is the perfect solution to all of your vacation grooming needs.


19 2015 Oct

Affordable dog beds can be hard to find

Large Denim Pillow BedOne of the essential products that should be purchased for your d0g, along with food and water bowls, collars and leash, is a good dog bed.   The type of bed purchased can vary a lot depending upon price constraints and the needs of the dog.  large breed dogs need a bed large enough to stretch our to their full length as well as curl up in a ball what ever feels more comfortable for your dog.

Also older dogs and dogs with arthritis will need orthopedic beds with foam filling constructed for comfort and support of arthritic dogs.  Some dogs prefer a bed in which they feel warm and secure, especially many of the small breeds.  Many of the dog breeds, both large and small prefer the comfort and warmth of a dog pillow bed.

After you have seen to the needs of your dog in your choice of a bed you also have a choice of many fabrics which will enable you to purchase a bed that is comfortable and your dog is happy with in a fabric that matches your furniture in your home.

Another type of bed appeals to those who are trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  The eco friendly dog bed could be an excellent choice in this case.