1 happy dog 5-10There are lots of different ways to groom your dog. People usually have a hair brush and nail clippers ready along with some shampoo, but I like swapping out the nail clippers with something that really gets the job done. There are nail grinders that are perfect for a dog’s nails, because they’re very accurate and precise tools.

The thing is, I enter my dog into contests sometimes. So when I do, I want my dog to be prepped and clean for it. Using a dog nail grinder gets my dog’s nails perfectly trimmed and polished. I have to be a perfectionist if I want to win first prize in a contest, after all. And with this tool, I can make sure everything is level and smooth.

What’s great is my dog doesn’t mind the nail grinder, either. I can tell it’s just viewed as a tool, just like a brush or a comb. It makes it easy for me to grind down the nails to perfection. And when I go to the fair for a contest, my dog is always ready and raring to go. I can’t wait for the next contest coming up, because right now I’m filled with anticipation!

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