1-fetch-pet-toysWhen I recently adopted a new golden retriever, I was really unsure of how to bond with this dog. I had usually adopted dogs when they were puppies so having one that was already an adult was something that was just a bit new and strange for me. It was harder to bond with this adult dog since neither of us seemed too sure of each other and what we could do together.

Since I remembered that I had bonded with puppies in the past through play, I decided that I would find a game that this dog would enjoy playing with me on a regular basis. It was really important for me to be able to make it so that I could get this dog playing. I bought some different types of fetch pet toys that I could use for this purpose.

My dog started playing right away when I threw a ball for her. It was wonderful to watch her chase after the ball and even bring it back to me. It was fairly obvious that my dog was one that really loved to play fetch. Seeing her play was something that really helped me to connect to her better.

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